An Experiment in Oil Pulling, Pt. III

I am now two full weeks into my experiment in oil pulling. Originally, I had set out to try oil pulling for two weeks, but I have decided to push forward and continue for at least two more. While I must admit that there's not too much new to talk about, I would like to say that I'm really enjoying this experiment. At first, I was a bit skeptical and thought that twenty minutes seemed like a really long time. Now, I've actually come to look forward to oil pulling! It fits nicely into my morning routine and something about it calms and relaxes me. Yes, the process itself is rewarding as are the benefits, so what's not to like?

My teeth are even whiter.
Yup, it's true. My teeth just keep getting whiter. So do the husband's. It's pretty great.

My complexion is improving. 
You may remember in my last post that I broke out during my first week of oil pulling. This hasn't completely subsided, but it has definitely improved. While I do find myself waking up to tiny blemishes (which is odd for me since I'm usually the girl who gets those big, under-the-skin ones if any ... gross), my pores and blackheads are reducing in size and number, and my complexion seems to be more even (read: not too many red areas). I feel like I've advanced through the cleansing phase and that it will only be uphill from here. Fingers crossed.

No migraines this week.
Not only have I not had any medication-requiring migraines, I haven't had a headache all week! I can't remember the last time I had a week like this, and it feels great.

Nothing to report!
I probably didn't need to include this graphic when there's nothing to report, but I wanted to anyways, just so I could type "Nothing to report!" Ok, moving on.

I also checked back in with Stephen and Bethany. Here's what they had to say about their experiments:

Stephen, age 28, is an acupuncturist living in Washington. Stephen is now on Day 13 and it's smooth sailing for him! His teeth continue to look better, he's noticed that his gums feel healthier, and his breath has improved. He did have a couple days of unexplained muscle soreness that he attributes to possible detoxification, but that has passed now. All in all, he plans to continue his one month challenge and feels that it's going well.

Bethany, age 29, is a stay-at-home mom and nanny living in Minnesota. Bethany has also noticed that her teeth are whiter and that her breath has improved. She also had a very positive experience after a night of too much fun. After waking up feeling terrible, she oil pulled for 10 minutes and felt a remarkable improvement in her condition. She also noticed that the consistency of the oil had changed a lot, so she couldn't complete the full 20 minutes. She thinks maybe the oil was working overtime to detoxify her that day. I had read that oil pulling can help with hangovers, and now we have some proof!

Lastly, I heard back from the dental hygienists I contacted to see if oil pulling is harmful to existing cavity fillings. While the hygienists reported that they hadn't experienced or found any research confirming any risks, one of my reader's (as you may recall) did have a bad experience. That said, continue at your own risk if you do have fillings.

Well, that's it for Part III of my experiment. Stay tuned for the next update, and happy pulling!

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